ICELED Zen Controller

ICELED Zen Controller


ICELED Zen provides remote control for up to four independent zones of interior or exterior lighting. Each zone can be set to react to sound, colour sweep or follow the global colour from UFO if connected. Additional ZEN controllers can be linked to provide extra zones if required. Ten different programmes plus a strobe mode can be recalled to provide instant access to a variety of dramatic lighting arrangements. ZEN can control any combination of ICELED light sources such as MATRIX, GEM, or Bar in various lengths.

More Details:

ICELED ZEN provides a powerful new way of controlling any number of ICELED light sources by dividing them into zones. Each zone can be wired to correspond to a separate area inside or out.

Ten different programmes can then be selected to provide an independent arrangement of contrasting colours and effects in each area. Effects include colour sweeps, sound activation of various properties and synchronisation with UFO if connected.

All programme selection and adjustment takes place by remote control which allows the Electronic Control Unit to be located out of sight wherever it is most convenient to install it.

ZEN uses the same multi-device capable remote control system as UFO so one handset can be used to operate both controllers as required. A separate connection allows ZEN to be activated by an external circuit so that the light sources automatically switch-on to a preset configuration - for example whenever a door is opened.

If four zones is not enough additional ZEN controllers can be wired together to expand the number of zones available. The same 10 programmes can then be used produce an even greater variety of lighting combinations.

  • Digital effects creation using over 2 million colours
  • Remote control of all functions
  • 10 Different Programmes plus strobe
  • Automatic cross-fade between programmes
  • Sound reactive via internal mic or stereo line-in
  • Automatic switch-on programme with delay
  • Connects to all ICELED light sources including Bars
  • Expandable with additional controllers
  • Integrates with ICELED UFO
  • Programmable via optional PC interface
  • Electronic protection
  • Rugged and reliable
Are so many colours really necessary?

All ICELED light sources are capable of producing over 2 million colours for a very good reason - as well as the obvious amount of choice that this gives you, it also allows ICELED controllers to produce seamless effects of their own. Without this many colours available smooth sweeps and cross-fades would be impossible.

Changes from one colour to another could only be made with visible steps. This would prohibit most of the unusual and dramatic effects that characterise ICELED installations.

As well as providing all the fully saturated colours in the visible spectrum ICELED light sources can also produce just as many de-saturated (whiter shades) which would otherwise be impossible without such a fine degree of control.

Price: £78.00

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