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About IceLED® Lighting Systems

Award-winning show-car lighting technology

Ever since their initial introduction into the market in 2003, all IceLED® products have been designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK.  Continued investment in state-of-the-art electronic design and manufacturing equipment has facilitated on-going development of our class-leading brand of Digital Lighting products.  Our design team has many decades of experience at the cutting edge of Club and Architectural lighting development and has delivered the same award-winning technology into the exciting new area of show-car lighting. Now, customers from all over the world are picking up awards for their own lighting contest entries using IceLED® products - widely acknowledged to be the best of their kind available.  Judged by Max Power Magazine to be the best out of nine competing kits, for example, our flagship product, the UFO under-car lighting kit ,is still regarded as the standard by which all competing systems are measured.


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