ICELED Zap+ Controller

ICELED Zap+ Controller


ICELED Zap+ is a small handheld controller designed to operate all ICELED light sources such as MATRIX, GEM and Bars. It is capable of generating a number of automated lighting programs such as sound-to-light and strobe as well as providing direct manual control of the colours displayed. It can also be used in conjunction with any other ICELED controller such as UFO or ZEN.

More details:

ICELED ZAP+ is a compact controller with some very powerful features. It provides an inexpensive means for controlling one or more ICELED light source(s) where the built-in standalone function doesn't provide enough control.

Using just two buttons you can easily dial-up any static colour, produce a phasing colour sweep, get colour change to music beat (using the built-in microphone) or create a strobe effect that has a variable flash-rate and also responds to sound.

  • Standby/Bypass Effectively turns off light-sources by blacking them out or passes through external ICELED data if present 
  • Static colour Provides fine-tuning of any particular hue or shade 
  • Phasing colour Automatically creates smooth sweeps through one of four different colour ranges - Beat to colour Sequences random colours in time with an audio beat, with adjustable fade-out 
  • Strobe Produces maximum intensity flashes in time with an audio beat or from an adjustable time-base

Each mode has a number of variable parameters e.g. colour, speed etc. and these are all adjustable and stored in non-volatile memory.

The junction box takes in power and has a standard ICELED three-way terminal block for the connections out to the light source(s). The wired remote is a small hand-held unit measuring 58 x 36 x 16 mm, with 5 status LEDs.

The input lead also has a data-in wire that can optionally be run to UFO or ZEN allowing ZAP to pass this colour information through to the connected light source(s) if desired.

So apart from having the option of synchronising interior lighting to UFO, it is also possible to 'ZAP' a light source with an alternative effect e.g. to strobe an individual ZEN zone - or even a bar connected to a UFO channel.


Nominal supply voltage: 12 Volts DC Standby current drain: 0.01 Amps Maximum load current: 3 Amps Audio sensitivity: 54dB to 102dB Data input: Any ICELED controller output.


Price: £38.00

See User Manual