ICELED UFO Underbody Kit

ICELED UFO Underbody Kit


ICELED UFO is a complete underbody lighting kit consisting of four ICELED bars, an advanced Electronic Control Unit and a wireless infrared handset that allows the entire system to be remote controlled from inside or outside the car. The ECU can independently address all the pixels in the bars allowing them to project patterns ranging from complex all the way down to a single colour on the ground. The ECU also provides ICELED data for synchronous control of additional ICELED light sources.

More Details:

ICELED UFO employs advanced digital imaging techniques to create stunning ground lighting effects, with over 2 million different colours available from anywhere around the LED pixel bars. This versatility results in the projection of an endless display of multicoloured patterns with an organic appearance that can be adjusted to look as subtle or as eye-catching as desired.

UFO patterns can be made to react to music via a built-in microphone or line-level input or can be left to run without any audio input at all. The colours used in each pattern can be restricted to those held in user-defined palettes to create specific colour-coordinated displays or may be chosen from other ranges – including an Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyser that provides colours reflecting the frequency content of any audio source.

UFO also has a built in side-bar expansion facility to cover vehicles from a motorcycle to a larger vehicle, eg., a truck, van, etc.

Incredibly, all that is seen of the system once it has been installed is a discreet remote LED display module that shows ECU settings and receives commands from a wireless IR handset. The ECU is hidden away wherever it is most convenient to install it.

Providing a remote control for all functions as standard means that the system can be operated equally well from both inside and out.

Product Features - digital pattern creation using over 2 million colours: 

  • Remote control of all functions 
  • 111 pattern variations "templates" plus strobe 
  • Colour palettes for all patterns and strobe 
  • Sound reactive via internal mic or stereo line in 
  • Door switch programme 
  • 2 1m bars + 2 1.5m bars 
  • Expandable with extra bars 
  • Networks with other ICELED light sources 
  • Simple three-wire interface 
  • Electronic protection - Rugged and reliable

Are so many colours really necessary?

All ICELED light sources are capable of producing over 2 million colours for a very good reason - as well as the obvious amount of choice that this gives you, it also allows ICELED controllers to produce seamless effects of their own. Without this many colours available smooth sweeps and cross-fades would be impossible.

Changes from one colour to another could only be made with visible steps. This would prohibit most of the unusual and dramatic effects that characterise ICELED installations.

As well as providing all the fully saturated colours in the visible spectrum ICELED light sources can also produce just as many de-saturated (whiter shades) which would otherwise be impossible without such a fine degree of control.

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Price: £495.00

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