ICELED Pixeltape Driver

ICELED Pixeltape Driver


ICELED Pixel Drivers are used to interface UFO bar channels to arbitrary lengths of WS2811 or WS2812 based Pixel Tape for use in addition, or as a flexible alternative to ICELED Bars.

The driver can be set to ‘fill’ any number of pixels from 3 to 200 with the UFO pattern on the connected channel. This setting is accomplished using the two recessed buttons labelled Length and marked with (+) and (–).

Pixel Driver is primarily intended to drive 12-Volt pixel tape serving as a direct replacement for ICELED UFO bars. However, the signalling data format is also compatible with some 5-Volt tapes so provided that a suitable separate 5-Volt power supply is available, this type of tape may be connected.


Price £29.90