ICELED Gem is a miniature 'plug & play' light source that produces an incredibly big beam for such a tiny device. It will fit as a direct replacement for the 1.5" long 5 or 10 watt lamp found in many automotive interior lights. It can also be used in other locations - with a special waterproof version available for external use. It has a built-in colour-change programme for stand-alone operation or can be connected to any ICELED controller.

More Details:

ICELED Gem can be used as a "plug'n'play" replacement for the 1.5" long filament lamp frequently found in existing interior light fixtures. Applications: GEM produces a wide-angle beam (120 degrees) suitable for floodlighting at close range.

Typical applications include interior dome lights, foot-well illumination, luggage and engine bay lighting. GEM can pick up its power directly from any suitable light fitting but also comes with a detachable cable that can be used to provide power and/or data for linking to ICELED controllers.


GEM can be used with or without an external controller.

A built-in programme allows GEM to perform a variety of functions simply by connecting it to a 12 Volt DC supply. This makes GEM ideal as 'starter' or 'standalone' light source suitable for use wherever 12 Volts are present - even inside PC cases. Details found on page 4 of the manual.


Maximum current drain 0.1 Amps. Typical current drain 0.05 Amps.

Maximum power consumption 1.8W. On-board current regulation guarantees that GEM operates consistently at peak intensity over a wide supply Voltage range of between 10 and 16 Volts DC. Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection are also built in. Dimensions W 38mm H 15mm D 10mm (excluding contacts).

See User Manual

Price: £24.99