ICELED Flexidriver With ZAP+ Kits

ICELED Flexidriver With ZAP+ Kits


This kit contains the following...

1 x 5M Reel (300 LEDs) of RGB LED Tape. (Waterproof options available)
1 x 12v Power Supply
1 x Iceled Flexidriver
1 x Iceled Zap+

ICELED ZAP+ is a compact handheld controller for use with all ICELED light-sources. It is capable of generating a number of automated lighting programs as well as providing direct manual control of the colours displayed.

The modular nature of ICELED products also allows ZAP+ to be connected in-line with any other ICELED controller in order to provide instant access to overriding effects.

Also comes with a built in Microphone that will react to music when you are feeling in the party mood.

The Tape has low power consumption, very bright whilst running at a low temperature.

All the light is spread evenly, via the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs.

The Tape can be cut every 3 LEDs without damaging the rest of the Tape, you may choose to cut it and rejoin using wire to go around a corner for example.

The Tape has a self-adhesive back for secure and easy application.


Ideal for any internal lighting project i.e Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen anywhere
that you want the ability to change the mood of a room instantly or add accent lighting
around a piece of furniture or behind the Television.


Non-Waterproof: £111.34
Waterproof: £116.34

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