ICELED Flexidriver

ICELED Flexidriver


ICELED Flexidriver can be used with or without an external controller and allows the ability to drive RGB Tape. It has a stand-alone mode which allows gradual colour phasing, any colour can be locked by briefly switching the power off and back on within 1-2 seconds and to unlock, simply repeat.

More details:

ICELED FLEXIDRIVER provides three channels of proportional power delivery to any 12V DC lighting load up to a total maximum of 180 Watts. Typically, FLEXIDRIVER would be used to allow ICELED controllers to interface to common RGB LED Light strips with built-in current control for 12V operation.

Typically one FLEXIDRIVER will drive up to 25metres of flexible RGB Tape. Stand-alone operation is also available for simple colour-changing applications.


FLEXIDRIVER interfaces the ICELED three-wire digital control system to four-wire LED products (common +ve, three -ve returns) All connections are made via screw-terminals on the outside of the casing.


Flexidriver can be used with or without an external controller. A built-in programme allows this LED driver to perform a variety of functions simply by connecting it to a 12 Volt DC supply. This provides basic, low-cost, control over "dumb" RGB LED products.


Maximum "through" current 15 Amps. Dimensions: 65mm; H 50mm; D 15mm.

Price: £35.00

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