ICELED DMX512 Bridge

ICELED DMX512 Bridge


ICELED DMX512 Bridge allows any combination of ICELED light sources or LED Drivers to be connected to the industry-standard DMX512 Lighting network. Four independent lighting zones are created from twelve DMX512 Addresses, providing either RGB or HSL colour data.

More details:

The ICELED DMX Bridge allows any of the ICELED Products (including colour changing LED Tape, Modules, and Bars) to be controlled via a DMX Controller.

Conventional DMX512 light sources have to have their own 9-bit channel address locating the device at one of the 512 possible addresses. They also require a separate power cable.

The ICELED bridge only needs one address to collect data for up to four independent light sources and supplies both power and data down a single cable to each light source.

This DMX512 Bridge serves as a distribution point for both power and data – greatly simplifying the task of installing and addressing multiple light sources.

Four independent zones of control are available occupying a total of 12 sequential DMX channel addresses. Each zone is assigned three DMX channels to provide separate control over the individual colour components.

For maximum programming flexibility one of two different colour models can be selected using a DIP switch: “Red, Green, Blue” or “Hue, Saturation, Brightness”

  • Nominal supply voltage: 12 Volts DC (1) 
  • Standby current drain: 0.02 Amps (all channels zero) 
  • Maximum load current: 10 Amps 
  • Data input: DMX512 
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 112mm x 45mm 
  • Connects to all ICELED light sources including our other RGB Products when used with a Flexidriver 
Price: £78.00

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