ICELED MATRIX is a highly versatile light source that packs powerful illumination into a low-profile module that can be mounted virtually anywhere. A built-in colour-change programme makes it suitable for stand-alone operation or alternatively it can be connected to any ICELED controller.

More Details:

ICELED MATRIX can be used with or without an external controller. A built-in programme allows MATRIX to perform a variety of functions simply by connecting it to a 12 Volt DC supply. This makes MATRIX ideal as a 'starter' or 'standalone' light source suitable for use wherever 12 Volts are present - even inside PC cases. Details can be found on Page 3 of the manual.


ICELED MATRIX is a compact digital light source capable of emitting an extra wide beam in any of over two million different colours. Full colour mixing is obtained using second-generation integrated RGB LEDs which eliminate colour shadowing and make the source suitable for direct viewing - from a comfortable distance.

Due to its monobloc construction, MATRIX is fully waterproof making it equally applicable to interior or exterior applications. Nominal supply voltage: 12 Volts Maximum current drain: 0.25 Amps Typical current drain: 0.1 Amps Max. power consumption: 3 Watts Beam angle: 120 degrees Environmental: IP68 Dimensions: W 50mm, L 50mm, H 15mm.

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Price: £39.95