ICELED Scanner

ICELED Scanner


ICELED Scanner is a self-contained scanning light source housed in a 20" long bar. In keeping with all other ICELED light sources, scan patterns can appear in over 2 million different colours. The scanner can be used with or without external control.

More Details:

ICELED Scanner integrates a total of 72 red, green and blue LED elements to create incredible scanning effects in over two million colours. The tough polycarbonate waterproof housing makes it useful in a wide variety of applications.

Based on the same principles as all other ICELED light sources, using no more than a 12 Volt DC supply, this self-contained scanner can be left to scan through the rainbow on its own, or can be frozen to scan on any particular colour. Connect the data wire to an ICELED controller and get extra control over the scan colour and pattern.

Linking the scanner to UFO, for example, synchronises the two systems so that each UFO pattern produces a unique scan in complimentary colours.

This extends to sound reactivity, so the scanner patterns also respond directly to music!

The scanner can also be linked to a ZAP+ controller in order to provide remote control of colour and pattern as well as making the scanner strobe and react to sound.


ICELED Scanner can be used with or without an external controller. A built-in programme allows it to perform a variety of functions simply by connecting to a 12 Volt DC supply. Details found on page 4 of the manual.


The maximum current drain is 1.7 Amps. Standby drain is only 0.01 Amps. On-board current regulation guarantees that this light source operates consistently at peak intensity over a wide supply Voltage range of between 10 and 16 Volts DC. Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection are also built in. Dimensions: Length 20" x 1" Diameter.

Other Options Available:

Scanner alone price: £89.50
Scanner With ZAP Controller: £127.50
Scanner With ICELED UFO Controller: £167.50

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