ICELED 2ft 6" Tube

ICELED 2ft 6" Tube


ICELED Tubes are available in different lengths to suit a wide variety of applications. Each tube contains a series of individually addressable pixels and can be supplied in lengths of 1ft 3", 2ft 6", 3ft 6" and 4ft 8". Normally associated with ICELED UFO, these tubes can also be connected to other ICELED controllers. In addition, the shortest one-foot tube has a built-in colour change programme that makes it suitable for stand-alone operation. This 2ft 6" version requires either an ICELED UFO, ZEN or ZAP controller to function.

More details:

ICELED Tubes are specially engineered to withstand exposure to harsh environments. Multiple seals ensure that the internal electronics are fully protected inside their shatterproof polycarbonate extrusions. All electrical connections are made via a generous 5m (16') length of robust three-core cable.


Every tube contains closely-spaced custom-made integrated LEDs for unrivaled brightness and colour uniformity. The optical and electrical characteristics of these devices result in a full 120 degree glow that reaches further while producing the legendary brightness of ICELED. Careful attention has been paid to the accuracy of colour matching to ensure that the entire visible spectrum is rendered accurately and vividly.

Pixel Structure:

The LED's in each tube are grouped into separate pixels that can simultaneously display any of 2,097,152 different colours. Resolution enhancement technology employed by the UFO ECU multiplies the effective number of these pixels by a factor of over one-hundred so that patterns run in a seamless fashion for incredibly fluid effects.


Additional tubes of any size may be connected to the ICELED UFO controller (providing the total power consumption does not exceed the maximum specified for the controller). Tubes of any length may also be connected to ZEN or ZAP controllers for exterior or interior uses - for example, to light the interiors of larger vehicles or vans with the longer lengths or to light under seats and dashboards with the shorter tubes in cars. Note that 'single pixel' ICELED controllers such as ZEN and ZAP will illuminate the entire length of the tube with the same colour. Other applications include headlight, grille and engine/luggage bay illumination.

1’3” Tubes:

Unlike the longer lengths, 1' 3" tubes can also be used without an external controller. A built-in programme (click here for details) allows them to perform a variety of functions simply by connecting-up to a 12 Volt DC supply. This makes the 1' 3" tube ideal as a 'starter' product or for use in applications such as Motorbike or PC case styling. The maximum current drain is just 0.3Amps per one-foot section. Current stabilisation guarantees that the tubes operate consistently at peak intensity over an extra wide supply Voltage range of 8 to 18 Volts DC.

Price: 2 ft 6 inch ICELED Tube: £69.50

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Also available:
1ft 3 inch stand-alone ICELED Tube: £49.75 each
3ft 6 inch ICELED Tube: £99.50 each (needs a UFO, ZEN or ZAP controller)
4ft 8 inch ICELED Tube: £129.50 each (needs a UFO, ZEN or ZAP controller)

Buy the UFO controller for £78.00
Buy the Zen controller for £78.00
Buy the ZAP controller for £38.00